Paul Thompson, M.D.

Dr. Paul Thompson is an experienced surgeon and urologist who went through some profound health issues in his own life resulting in the redirecting of his path toward Age Management. After this change, Dr. Thompson realized that he needed to pass this knowledge along to others. He became a renowned expert and leader in this field and has written texts, lectured nationally and appeared on multiple televisionnews shows. He currently operates the Thompson Clinic in Fort Worth Texas guiding patients to a better life through Healthy Aging.

His advanced training includes:

  1. Urology
  2. Medical Nutrition Therapy
  3. Hormonal Treatment
  4. Age Management
  5. Exercise Instruction


Dr. Thompson graduated from the University of Missouri- Kansas City Medical School and then went on to spend his residency at the University of Louisville where he became the Chief Resident of Urology.


Board Certified Urologist, Fellow of the College of Surgeons