Ken Sharlin, M.D.

Dr. Ken Sharlin is a board-certified neurologist with research interests in multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, migraine, epilepsy, and chronic pain. As the current owner of Sharlin Health & Neurology, he focuses on neurology patient care, lifestyle medicine as well as clinical research.Dr. Sharlin is an athlete in his “downtime” and combines his sports experience with his research into mind/body integration. He focuses on lifestyle issues and the identification of the root causes of illness. Dr. Sharlin has been the principal investigator in numerous neurological studies and is an established publisher of research into the effects of neurological disorders especially in aging patients.

His Advanced training includes:

  1. Neurosonology
  2. Chronic Migraine Treatment
  3. Reversal of Cognitive Decline
  4. Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis
  5. Pain Management


Dr. Sharlingraduated from Kenyon College in Ohio and furthered his studies at Emory University School of Medicine. He then moved on to residencies at the University of Virginia School of Medicine and subsequently to Vanderbilt School of Medicine.

Board Affiliations and Certifications

  1. American Academy of Neurology
  2. American Medical Association
  3. Institute for Functional Medicine
  4. Wahls Protocol Certified Health Professional