Fernando Pinto, M.D.

Prof. Dr. Fernando Pinto is a trained board certified Surgeon. Graduated from the University “Universidad Central del Ecuador” from Ecuador. He is Chancellor Rector of the World Academy of Neural Therapy by Huneke & Neurofocal Dentistry;

Vice-Rector of the Iberoamerican Academy of Biological Medicine and Odontoestomatology,; Honorary Professor of : M.I.U. Fairfield-Iowa, U.S.A., and M.E.R.U. Selisberg-Switzerland; awarded with the “ World Leading Intellectual” 2006 (WONMP).

Prof. Dr. Pinto is a renowned lecturer for the Ecuadorian Medical Society of Natural Therapies; University San Francisco de Quito – Ecuador; University Cristiana Latinoamericana – Costa Rica; University Naturopática – Costa Rica; University Autonoma de Guadalajara –Mexico; University Politecnica – Nicaragua; Instituto Superior de Osteopatia, Medicinas Holisticas y Tradicionales – Paraguay.

Dr. Pinto is a researcher and developer of natural and organic products such as phytotherapeutics, homeopathics, neural therapeutics, minerals and vitamins.