Dr. Billy Ray Ledbetter, M.D.

Dr. Billy Ray Ledbetter combined his medical knowledge with his interest in aviation becoming a Flight Surgeon with the United States Navy. As a Navypilot, he earned numerous certifications and as a civilian earned Airline Transport Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor ratings. His military and aviation experience gives him a unique perspective in his medical practice. Dr. Ledbetter’s numerous awards while in the Navy highlight his dedication to duty as wellas his medical focus. Dr. Ledbetter and his wife Natalie who is a CNRA operate the L-Aesthetics & Longevity Medspa which provides a comprehensive range of noninvasive cosmetic services including body contouring. Their Med Spa is one of the few that is run by medical professionals who, along with their investment in world-class technology assures patients of the highest quality and safest care available today.

Dr. Ledbetter has been published numerous times and is a well-respected expert in the field of foot and ankle injuries and the many patented cosmetic procedures patients request.

His Advanced Training Includes:

  1. Aesthetics and Longevity
  2. General Surgery
  3. Infectious Disease
  4. Hyperbaric Medicine
  5. Advanced Pilot Training


Dr. Ledbettergraduated fromAngelo State University with a BS in Biology-Pre Med. He then received his MD from the University of Texas and went on to do his internship in General Surgery and his Fellowship in Surgical Infectious Diseases at the Uof T, GalvestonHe then joined the Flight Surgeon Class for the USN Course in Aerospace Medicine at NAS Pensacola, FL.

Board Affiliations and Certifications

  1. Texas Medical Association
  2. Travis County Medical Society
  3. ATP/CFI/CFII FAA pilot licenses
  4. FAA Aviation Medical Examiner
  5. Society of US Naval Flight Surgeons
  6. Aerospace Medical Association