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Regenerative medicine, where the body regenerates or rebuilds itself, is a relatively new and rapidly evolving front in the field of interventional pain management. BPSR is a leader in developing new regenerative products and protocols.

Organicell™ Serum

(Age-Defying Identa Placenta Serum)

As the skin ages, multiple internal and external factors contribute to damage that accumulates over time, and work to inhibit the skin’s vital functions. If left untreated, these effects take a visible toll, resulting in sagging and sluggish skin. The loss of elasticity due to decreased collagen, combined with
years of repeated facial expressions, emerge as the skin is now dull and fragile, with fine lines and deep wrinkles.

Age Defying Identa-Placenta Rejuvenating Serum delivers a cutting-edge combination of biomimetic peptides, neuropeptides, and oligo elements. These technologies work together to combat all aspects that contribute to visible aging. This comprehensive, multifaceted approach delivers unparalleled results to turn back the hands of time, and transform the skin back to its youthful, resilient, and glowing self.

Using the latest advancement in biochemistry, Identa-Placenta Rejuvenating Serum delivers 5 unique peptides, molecularly identical to the growth factors found in  human placenta. These exclusive peptides are in a league of their own, with the remarkable ability to promote, support, and prompt the skin to function as it did in its youth. These improvements are visually noticeable as regeneration is increased, strength is regained, hyaluronan synthesis is promoted, and collagen production is encouraged.

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