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Regenerative medicine, where the body regenerates or rebuilds itself, is a relatively new and rapidly evolving front in the field of interventional pain management. BPSR is a leader in developing new regenerative products and protocols.

Organicell™ Solutions

IV Therapy & Boosters

Administered by professionals to help with stress/anxiety, improve workout recovery, cosmetic & anti-aging enhancer, boost immunity and a hangover helper.
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It's a mega dose of immune system boosting agents to help combat infections and inflamation. This infusion contains a high-dose of Vitamin C.


An essential blend of vitamins and minerals to help stimulate metabolism and promote weight loss.


For those “Gym Rats” Performance and Cardio lovers, we have the perfect vitamin, mineral and amino-acid infusion to recover faster and get patients ready for another performance session.


Enhance your hair, skin, and nail appearance with keratin fortifying ingredients and antioxidants.


The ultimate solution after a night out and about! The perfect rehydration formula.


An ideal combination of vitamins and minerals that may help male and female sexual enhancement. A blend of essential nutrition helping them perform at a better level,. This drip may increase the patients libido, stamina and an overall sexual pleasure.